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James Akenhead - Author of Thoughtful Owners, Great Dogs

James Akenhead, ED.D.

  • Author of six books, including Thoughtful Owners, Great Dogs
  • Served over two decades as a local, city, & county school superintendent
  • Earned five University Degrees; including counseling & research and anadjunct professor at five universities
  • Holds four independent certifications as professional dog trainer and behavior consultant
  • Director two years National K-9 Trainers Association
  • Two terms BOD: International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants
  • Founding member of two local therapy dog organizations
  • Prior: International Association of Animal Behavior Consultalnts testing committee
  • Presenter at Kutztown University Dog Training program
  • Founder Youngstown State University Canine Behavior program
  • Frequent speaker on ameliorating Aggression via an operational model
  • Owner of Signature K-9 Behavior & Training LLC since 1995
  • Member K-9 Doctorial Dissertation Committee, Virginia
  • BOD: Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers

Don Blair photo

Don Blair

  • Owner Canine Intelligence Academy
  • As a canine competitor and instructor he has titled numerous dog and handler teams to many titles in several disciplines
  • As a Police K-9 hander, Don and Police K9 “Ranger” had numerous felony apprehensions, hundreds of narcotic seizures and qualified 5 years straight for the United States Police Canine Association National Police Dog Trials
  • As a U.S. Customs and Customs and Border Protection canine instructor he trained over 60 classes of domestic, international, state and local law enforcement students in various courses
  • Instructor in canine aggression, animal behavior, basic and advanced handling and deployment, detection (all areas) canine selection, decoy work, tracking/trailing and other animal and canine related courses
  • Oversaw the training and certification of hundreds of local, state, federal and international canine teams and is still active today as a decoy, trainer, Judge and seminar speaker
  • Utilized as an Expert Witness in U.S. Federal Court for his expertise in canine detection and aggression
  • Detailed to Auburn University as a Chief Instructor for the Canine Detection Training Center
  • Currently a contract police canine trainer for a major U.S. law enforcement entity
  • Traveled extensively throughout the Middle East, Europe, Canada and Mexico training, advising, problem solving and learning
  • Accreditations: CPDT-KA, USPCA Regional Judge (all areas), K-9 Nose Work Judge and an AKC K9 Good Citizen Evaluator

Bill Dotson

William (Bill) Dotson

  • Founder/Owner/President of Applied K9 Technologies, Inc.
  • Founder/President of Search Dog Organization of North America – SDONA (see our web page at www.sdona.org)
  • Trained dogs to AKC Obedience/Schutzhund/Search and Rescue Mission ready status
  • Founder of California Rescue Dog Association
  • Disaster Dog team developer/trainer/team leader for OFDA
  • Member/trainer/search team manager/dog handler for FEMA VATF2
  • Deployed to disasters in El Salvador/Armenia/Philipines/Oklahoma City bombing/numerous hurricanes/Katrina
  • Trained a disaster dog team for Izmir Turkey
  • Presented over 200 seminars/workshops/conferences
  • Operations leader for numerous homicide searches with dogs
  • Volunteer Police Dog handler for the City of Davis, California – tracking and evidence detection


Mark Miller

  • Active Law Enforcement 18 Years
  • Basic K-9 Academy/Advanced K-9 Trainer Academy
  • Active K-9 Handler 10 years Working 2nd Dog
  • Active K-9 Unit Trainer/Certified Trainer
  • Current President USPCA Region 14
  • USPCA Regional Certified Judge
  • SWAT Basic School (K-9 Emphasis)

Photo credit: Mark Alamo of Alamo Images


Doug Roller

  • Owner and CEO of Tactical K9 LLC (www.tacticalk-9.com)
  • Over 30 years as a Los Angeles Police Officer, 19 years as a Los Angeles Police Sergeant
  • 17 years as Chief Trainer, 4 years as Assistant K9 Trainer and 7 years as a K9 Handler
  • Assisted and managed in excess of 6,500 K9 searches and apprehended or assisted in the apprehension of multiple suspects
  • Personally trained and certified in excess of 300 Police Service Dogs, and assisted training in excess of 1,500 Police Service Dog Teams
  • Developed K9 Directed Deployment Protocols for K9/SWAT Criteria
  • Testified numerous times in Civil and Federal Court as a K9 and Use of Force Expert (voir dire in Civil and Federal Courts)
  • Conducted hundreds of Police K9 demonstrations and lectures on the use of the Police Service Dog and over 50 E-Collar Workshops for Police and Military canine handlers throughout the world
  • Instructed in excess of 1,000 Law Enforcement and Military personnel in K9 Behavior, Problem Solving, E-collar work, High-Risk K9 searches, and Perimeter Containment and K9 SWAT applications
  • Developed or assisted in developing several K9 programs and materials for the Los Angeles Police Department
  • Written and published numerous articles related to canine training and search tactics, including periodicals for Police K9 Magazine
  • Instructor for Dogs Against Drugs Dogs Against Crime (DADAC) Organization, Police K9 Magazine annual HITS Seminar and the Los Angeles Police Canine Association annual Police K-9 Seminar
  • Board member for the Los Angeles Police Canine Association


Pete Stevens

  • Maximum K9, VP of Law Enforcement Sales and Product Development
  • 26 Year Law Enforcement Veteran in Southern California
  • Trained and handled police K9′s for patrol and detection for 12 years
  • Currently handles his third K9, a dual purpose patrol/narcotics detection dog named “Turbo”
  • California Narcotic Canine Association (CNCA) Certifying Official for Patrol and Detection
  • National Police Canine Association (NPCA) Certifying Official for Patrol
  • California POST Canine Team Evaluator for Patrol and Narcotics
  • Fire Arms Instructor

Mike Suttle

Mike Suttle

  • First introduced to Schutzhund and working dogs in 1992
  • Sled dog kennel, owner/operator
  • Raised and trained Siberian Huskies and Alaskan Malamutes for recreational dog sledding.
  • Marksman Instructor to thousands of Marines and Naval personnel
  • Won three national shooting championships and several regional and state championships on the Air National Guard World Class Athlete Program as a US Shooting Team member
  • Signature K-9 Equipment company, owner/partner from 2002-2007
  • Attended every major military and police K-9 seminar and event in the USA as a vendor with Signature K-9. Assisted many K-9 teams in problem solving and specialized in the patrol and apprehension phase of training. Became actively involved in competing in Schutzhund and SDA, as well as deeply involved in the training and selection of police dogs.
  • Designed tactical K-9 equipment and did field research and development on K-9 gear for Diamond Back Tactical
  • Logan Haus Kennels, owner/operator since 2005
  • Established and expanded a large scale breeding, importing, and training facility that specializes in selecting and training high end working dogs for Tier 1 Special Operations groups, SWAT K-9 teams, US Customs and Border Protection canine centers, and other federal and state organizations that require very high quality working dogs to meet their mission requirements. Instructor at Logan Haus Kennels school for dog trainers.

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